Friday, February 19, 2010



  1. Seriously, i really like this shit. Fucking genius. Wanted to get these prints for so long.

  2. My Bass player (Michael Giroux) Michael D'spacio brought me here, I'm a Peruvian Born in Cuzco and We have a crazy sort of an intellectual Indigenist project called THE BOLIVIAN REVOLUTION. Our songs pretty much are all about Ayahuasca, Che Guevara and anti-imperialism. find me on stupid google as: el androcefalo. I'm willing to invest all my money and works to support and expose the sickest dudes from the states and take them onstage before this fucked up music just like these eccentric photos. ^ ^ please gunsho, contact D'spacio He'll explain shit better in person. Congratulations! I love your work.